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Orb Weaver Diamond - Preview


2007 will see the introduction of the already infamous Orb Weaver Diamond.


True to its name it promises to entice its prey be warned.


Where the Sapphire Ti-C SE has established a NEW State of the Art reference point, both in recording studios as near field monitors, and with the discerning music loving audiophile.


The Orb weaver ist a next generation transducer; with its out the box extreme roots firmly set in the next century. Frighteningly real and devoid of transducer presence, it delivers for the lucky few a level of reproduction that is truly void of interpretation.


Technically it has advancements to challenge the in box designers of today, to a level that will truly have nothing in common with today’s perception and expectations.


The production times are horrendous and the designer’s passion for constructing each individual unit personally will limit production annually. We already have a growing client’s order list. We welcome our services to anyone with interest in having a personal bespoke unit forecast and crafted to specific personal optional preference.


Bold expectations & a bold statement. For the lucky few. I look forward to an informal conversation and Personal home installation in due course.


Please do not hesitate to contact me direct, should you require clarification and help.

Shabir Bhatti



Frequency response 16.5Hz-100 KHz +/-3db

System Impedance 4 ohm nominal 3.3 ohm minimum 80 Hz

Power handling 100 W Music

Sensitivity 90.5 db

HF Custom Diamond

Midrange Custom Diamond

LF Custom W cone


The Monumental Cabinet is a three-section mount with two bass sections and a midrange and HF section mounted on a Nano Structure system to remove the midrange and HF from the physical environment completely. Cabinet enclosure is 120 &160 mm in construction depth with the 8-layer non-specific construction polymer, membrane & non-specific structures etc.


Naturally cosmetics & build makes this even by audio acoustics standards a very beautiful piece of art and something I have worked on since 1998.


The wiring used is Wow Resonance Custom double wound 24k pounds a 0.8m. Several meters per pair!

Faraday style non-specific inductors wound and impregnated with non-specific resins. The Capacitors are silver foil to standard.

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