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NANO PUCK Loudspeaker & Component Energy transfer and isolation unit


Once we have understood how devastating resonances are on sonic reproduction and function of ALL finite components. We concentrated on delivering a solution for interim general application; until the day a fully resonance controlled system will be available from us.


At this point we offer various state of the art transducers and two Cable System’s. To help Complement bringing out the full potential of your ancillaries function the Nano Puck / King Puck and Nano On rack system take the term support to the panicle of next generation and at a comparative 10th of the price!


The Nan On systems address issues that to date all isolation supports however elaborate have overlooked. With isolation addressed, resolving 10% of the problem only of stopping energy getting to your unit, but not addressing the effects of power transformers and other “generating” components very much so resonating away in harmony internally in our ancillaries.


The Pucks are a Simple yet fundamentally designed sandwich of our developed membrane and polymers. They consist of 4 non-specific thicknesses of material sandwiched within 5 specific membranes with a silicone cosmetic surround and cosmetic stainless steel mirror finish Top.


They are used under the spike or base of a loudspeaker set improving the resolution, imaging, focus and dynamics with the starting and stopping of leading edges, they will add musicality beyond belief and generally transform the system. All who have them very rarely have just a set- in fact I know of no One! Be Warned.


Under components they will out perform all you expectations of the finest supports and are a 10th of the price to boot. Further more they are at home on hifi racks, floors or fine arts furniture. At last you can have a nice piece of audio nirvana on a decent Louis table or contemporized placement without sonic compromise.


They are a basic necessity of our Loudspeakers systems requirements, removing and encapsulating them from their entire surround.


This is the cheapest substantial scientific upgrade you will ever do. A true missing link of the chain finally bought to you by Audio Acoustics -Unprecedented.


Naturally full money back if not 100 % absolutely delighted is offered through our authorized dealers.


Nano Puck


Loudspeaker Energy transfer and isolation unit - 6 per set



Component Energy transfer and isolation unit - 3 per set


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