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Resonance cables systems


The research and development of our cable construction has been a substantial investment and labor to technology over a period of 25 plus years.


An offshoot from the vast investment to produce a means to transfer information between components and with absolute nil alteration


Audio Acoustics were the fist people in the world to address the incitation of resonance. We have implemented this to a finite degree and can state that as opposed to rectifying the problem once occurred i.e. minuscule vibrations damped, we have developed means to avoid it being created within a media and keep equilibrium.


Naturally we start with the finest raw materials cutting edge production facilities allow. Finest medical grade Silver purity derived to 7 nines!! To be precise and drawn out with the finest dies available today are a prerequisite. These are then coated and than the strands are sleeved in batches of specific differing numbers. Next they are painstakingly hand wrapped with our developed resonance controlling membranes several layers and type/s thick. Over this a binding sleeve followed by a specified custom dielectric silicone sleeve to finish.


All connections are crimped with finest silver and finest WBT silver spades with specific platinum coating to stop oxidation for termination in the case of the loudspeaker cables.


The Interconnects & Loudspeaker Cables use two variations of this process with simplified 7 Silver strand two-layer version in the “Resonance” and 49 strands in a 4 layer in the “Wow Resonance” and the Digital Data Travel Systems The RCA’s and EMC XLR’s are next generation as standard. Star point contact manufactured with pure silver and untreated and brazed on with pure melted silver to avoid contamination by poor solders.


The Mains Cable are available in 3 stages:


1 The “Zero point Five” entry level system offering a improvement on current so called state of the art products at a fraction of the price and offering tremendous value.


2 The “Resonance system", to try is to buy will redefine your expectation on what the word wire is be prepared to gargantuan and staggering contextual correction in your system.


3 The "WOW Resonance system-" without doubt for the lucky few a benchmark and statement to show what we can create and a mockery of the term wire.


“ All products are a different affair with internal specifics along with our radical finding for electron flow, which differ from 'established findings' ”


Only Audio Acoustics products address mechanical and electrical properties in all our designs. Something very much at infancy stage with our competitors.

Audio Acoustics product however “not the norm” are there for one to see, hear and be amazed.


Achieved Objective being to create components that do not add, remove, and alter absolute perception of the required transfer of information getting nearer to “no ancillaries”.


Leaving it to the software to impress and communicate the essence of the artist’s wish and emotive connection – Which for the music lover a dream fulfilled & ultimate goal.


No More and No Less & No different-signal integrity at its optimum


If you would like to purchase the LAST cable chain you will need irrelevant of whether ancillary you aspire. To our substantial we urge you audition the Resonance cable systems. They redefine the term “wire” and are a fundamental NEW rudimentary ancillary in its own right.


Nobody to date has been disappointed including eminent people who are familiar with extreme state of the art esoteric a - fact!


Mains Lead


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Customer Comments:


“Wow” “its so smooth yet dynamic and at the same time so calm” “has a dark distortion free back ground, Well- Just REAL!” “It’s a revelation! There’s just no going back it’s a whole new world


Re: Resonance IC, Wow IC, Resonance Mains, Wow Mains.

Mr Richard Maloney Edgware



“I have compared it to every established reference point it really is the finest cable out there and I love my pieces. I cannot believe that it has justified it self into my Denon 4k av integrated amplifier! When the Wow mains costs 3 times! The cost of my amp. I wish I had more money I would put it everywhere”


Re: WOW mains

Gordon Golders Green



“God Shabir any chance you can take my Porsche GT3 and Ill pay you some money for some speakers and cable I cant stop listening to it!” Most people don’t understand, they must think we are mad.


Re: WOW System

David Wood Hifi Guy



“F… can’t believe it “this mains lead has done more than my new dac did at twice the price! It seems to be getting better and better as its running in.


Re: Resonance system

Mr Munir Ickenham Middlesex



“Shabir I hate you! How can your cable do that to what is after all world reference cable already! It makes my transparent Ultra and Cardas sound like cheep 20 cable - I have to have it!



Mr. Bal Rai Birmingham



Shabir I have to sit down (on floor!) How can this happen? My Audio Note Sogon speaker cable just destroys everything I have ever heard, I am gutted the resonance does that to it; but must have this speaker wire.


Re: Zero Point Five loudspeaker cable

Audio Craft Customer



Shabir, this is good! Oh this is good cable- it kills everything!


Re: Zero Point Five loudspeaker cable

Kevin Walker



I think it is absolutely amazing! But you could put your name on the cable; these have got to be the best cables in the world!


A friend who heard it yesterday, who does not believe cable even makes a difference; said “it’s made as much a difference as between a b..w up d..l and a real woman! Ha ha ha, without it systems are just lifeless and flat. Now there’s an analogy to get your mind around ha ha ha but I don’t know if you can say that Shabir.


Re: Resonance I.C./Lspk & Zero Point 5 Mains

John Brenkley Essex



I was disillusioned with all the so called hi end cables id bought & could not believe all the hype in the reviews about how the resonance cable, “Should not do this!” Once I put it in, I could never take it out the system, or give it back-as plenty hard I tried! It’s a no brain’er/ in the end it took me over! Every time I took a bit out the music fell down, you just had to have it. It has a Knack of sounding right. I had to sell my kidney & ive only got two or id sell the other ha ha ha. Thank you for your help Shabir you’re a gentleman, I know the fundamentals the same ill be down soon.


Re: Resonance System

Peter Durnell West Bromwich



Clearly and without much hesitation, the differences over any of the cables I had in place prior to installing the Audio Acoustics cables, was nothing short of shockingly good. In fact, the overall improvement was so noticeably better, that I quickly understood why the designer wanted me to have these for the review


Re: Wow Resonance System



Comparisons were done against Argento, Cardas, and Nordost all reference! Need we say more?

Bill Wells Stereo Times April 2008

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