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Fundamental-k2 Speaker




No other speaker looks, works, or sounds like the Audio Acoustics Fundamental-k2 Speaker. How do we know this? Simply because we have designed and manufactured every part ourselves. Even the cables inside are painstakingly handmade by Audio Acoustics. The Fundamental-k2 Speaker represents the beginning of a range of loudspeakers that will redefine your expectations and let you hear the music without the intrusion of the transducer's interpretation.


Features unique to the Audio Acoustics Fundamental-k2 Speaker include:


Special drivers with resonance control

Four-layer double membrane laminate enclosure

Sapphire tweeter

‘W’ sandwich diaphragm bass/midrange driver

Resonance Base wired

Optimum vented airflow control port

Custom wound crossover components to specified nil tolerance values


Fundamental K-2 Speaker


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Frequency Response:




Drive Units:



Amplifier compatibility:

Nominal Power Handling:



Standard finishes:



Size (wxhxd):

Weight: Per System Pair:


20Hz - 43KHz (+ / -3dB)

91.5 db

4 Ohms (nominal)


2x200mm “W” cone

25mm ferro fluid sapphire concave


well suited to amps 12W or more



InclusiveTM Carbon Black, Titanium Metallic a, Mirabelle Maroon <more details>


295 x 1271 x 400mm

419lbs/190kg 2 box


Unique Value Features include:


Worlds First Unique “Double Float” mounted resonance Sapphire HF

The hf unit is mounted on a resonance controlling membrane, which in turn is bonded to the sub front baffle; under this is a second resonance-controlling polymer. This for the first times let’s the hf unit function without interference or interactive devastating effects of the loudspeaker cabinet itself. Further controlling any resonances from within the hf unit it self-allowing it to function to new heights.


First production “Single Float” mounted W’ sandwich diaphragm bass/midrange driver 

The bass / mid driver is mounted over a bonded single resonance membrane to the cabinet structure. This function further shows a driver is a small percentage of the system only. (All other aspects addressed naturally) Paramount is the need to allow the driver to be allowed to function without compromise or any resonances getting to the component itself. When allowed to function properly components take on a surprising new competence that was but overlooked. I.e. the more you can retrieve from each component by allowing it to function, the more effective naturally it becomes


Also all the merits of the “W” cone


“Resonance controlled” loudspeaker system with acknowledged attention to the first "Active cabinet" and selected system components.

Once we have accepted that even if we produce a cabinet structure be it out of solid Diamond or nano tubes -a lot of them! This would address the hardness factor we require, but we could still not remove the inherent mass of the material. Removing the vessel of energy storage; be it minuscule micro resonances. When this conclusion was reached, than one has to find a vessel in which the energy that will unavoidably become present with incitement and the back wave is removed or never allowed to raise its ugly head.

This we achieved with clever membranes and polymers composites. Controlling incited energy is converted to heat and dissipated. Having this equilibrium gives us a cabinet that is a perfect platform for a active driver mounted and allowed to work in its own world (as above) the cabinet functions in its own plane and the Air compliance issues addressed all working is perfect harmony. Three separate issue sharing one goal not three opposing forces working against each other. As far away from convention yes but a radical alternative.


Four-layer, double membrane Composite

The cabinet comprises of 30mm material than there is a 2mm resonances controlling developed compound, adjacent to this is another 25mm material and a second internal membrane to handle air compliance issues. This is done unconventionally by the use of redirecting/absorbing and eliminating any two parallel points within the cabinet structure. No conventional foam/ garneted wool etc. is incorporated.


Advanced metallic a gel coat developed.

A 18 month program together with a world renowned British lacquer specialist, was undertaken to produce revolutionary new gel coat process horrendously labor intensive to do with unsurpassed end results.


Resonance Base wired

Our finding in controlling resonances is also applied to our reference cable system’s these in turn are incorporated into the Fundamental with the finest silver litz cables used on the Hf section and very high strandage copper resonances controlled applied to the base/midrange.


Optimum vented airflow control port

Air compliance issues were addressed with the combination of the internal membrane and the advanced airflow port system-no longer is the Air compliance within the cabinet a hindrance but a allied to work with. This can only happen when the cabinet is removed from the equation and is no longer a part of the problem.


Custom wound unconventionally

Specified nil tolerance values are achieved. Every component has been meticulously designed and developed from a clean sheet approach. Signal paths are kept as short as feasible.

Nigh on nil Tolerances are achieved by producing specific 0.5% components in larger quantities and than selected down to specific requirement values only.

Components are produced in the England the US, Germaney.Sweden and Denmark where the expertise is second to none for each specified field.

Though costly and time consuming it guarantees component and end product with specific consistency to the reference tuned system’s requirements and musicality.


Nano Pucks

The nano puck eradicated resonance being fed into the loudspeaker system from the environment etc., and is and removes further the interaction between the function of the loudspeaker and its surroundings, as well as secondary isolation.

Harmonizing to complete the loudspeaker chain in function and form, letting it simply work without resonance interference.


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