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resonance control


The task of the loudspeaker is to generate all the sounds audible to the human ear, which means it has to cover an exceptionally wide bandwidth, from bass to treble, and an amazingly wide dynamic range, from very quite to exceptionally loud. The sounds we actually want to hear come from the vibrations of the driver diaphrams and the port. The trouble is, all the other parts of the loudspeaker, inside and out, tend to become excited by all the vibrations going on, and resonate in symphony. It’s only by removing and controlling all those unwanted resonant vibrations in every part of the speaker that a truly ‘quiet’ loudspeaker can be created, where only the wanted sounds from the driver diaphragms are heard.


The single biggest hurdle we have to overcome lies in the control of these resonances. Extensive experimentation was needed to come up with the various control mechanisms that would enable all the different components within the loudspeakers to function without resonances affecting their performance. The consequences of the removal of these resonance effects were truly breathtaking, bringing a remarkable sense of calm and quiet backgrounds to the music.


The specially formulated resonance-controlling membranes we use throughout the speakers are all painstakingly hand made, and even extend to the finest details, like the pure silver electrical connections and ‘five nines’ silver crimps.


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