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The enclosure plays a crucial role in the performance of a speaker, and is actually much harder to engineer than the drive units. Ideally, the cabinet provides a totally inert mounting platform for the drive units, yet it’s subjected to all the vibrations and pressures created by those drive units.


Vibrations generated in the cabinet walls lead to coloration’s and a loss of low level information, and because the enclosure has a much greater surface area than the drivers, even the slightest movement on a molecular scale has a disproportionately large effect.


Having devised an original way to produce an enclosure that controls resonance at molecular level, we have produced the world’s first 6-layer laminated cabinet construction. It use three types of membrane, each with it’s own specific characteristics, along with stainless steel panels.


The laminated walls are thick, but not excessively so, as the intention is primarily to control vibrations, not simply to add mass and stiffness. From the first few bars of music, the total lack of cabinet coloration and the elimination of enclosure distortion will be obvious.





The front port was Uniquely designed for optimum airflow control, eliminating several important internal air compliance factors.




Extensive time and design development has gone into producing a structure that eliminates cabinet edge diffraction effects a major factor in smearing musical information.


Clever internal shaping further eliminates internal standing waves, in conjunction with the third membrane. A time-aligned driver layout further enhances the point source ideal.


floor coupling


A unique 3-point floor-coupling system was devised for superior energy isolation. Cone feet, machined from high specification VX steel, undergo repeated hardening and finishing processes, and are finally nickel-plated and polished, producing hardness close to titanium. The result is a durable point able to support several hundred kilos at a finite point, and these locate into matching coupling pucks.

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