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drive units


Most loudspeaker systems operate with diaphragm break-up resonances occurring within the audible operating bandwidths of the drive units. They try to disguise these by one means or another, but the effects of break-up can never be completely removed, and the associated harshness, sibilance and distortion can always be heard.


To do justice to the exceptional enclosure engineering, Audio Acoustics speakers use the very finest and most technically advanced drive units developed and manufactured in conjunction with the world’s leading specialists. These are carefully designed so that their diaphragm motion is strictly pistonic and free from resonance across a much wider bandwidth than the frequency range over which they are required to operate.


The unique sapphire and diamond diaphragms we use have just a fraction of the mass of those used in most conventional drivers, yet possess unparalleled structural stiffness, and are driven from a complex advanced magnet structure


We are the first company in the world to use drivers with titanium voice coils and formers, which give awesome results, eliminating distortions and delivering exceptionally high definition and resolution, with startling transient power and extended, organic bass. Once experienced never forgotten.


Our top-of-the-range model’s have an ultra-wide-bandwidth diamond diaphragm midrange unit, alongside the very latest ’next generation’ diamond tweeters.

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