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“Digital does not get better than this, for that matter very little analogue does either”,


“Whoa! That was my first reaction to the Medea.Oh my was my second .I wonder if I can afford to buy this thing? That was my third.


I have never heard a digital processor resolve as much information as this one does. The Medea unveils loads of detail-through the high, mid, and bass regions-to the point where I was scrambling for disc after disc to determine if what I was hearing was some sort of illusion. It wasn't.”

Dough Schneider


“Oh! This is the highest level of high-end audio! There is no system better than this one, which brings you only close to the music itself. Weiss has reached the ultimate goal of digital audio playback-there is nothing between you and the music.”


“You will be attracted by the performances of the recordings and nothing else. I do not complain about the quality of CD playback anymore”

Lincoln Cheng audiotechnique (hk)


MEDEA DA Converter


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