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“What else can I say? If you can spend the money, go and listen to it.”


“The brain seems momentarily overwhelmed by such an amount of information. But after a while you’ll suddenly realize that everything is as it should be: detail, music, soundstage, impact are exactly as you have always been dreaming of, and the presentation as a whole is even more involving than you can imagine.


So do not loose any opportunity to listen to it.


But if you can not afford it, do not come back and accuse me to have robbed you of the pleasures of listening with your system I have already enough problems with mine,now….”GiorgioPozzoliTNTItaly"


Weiss the Worlds Finest Swiss engineered Jason Transport and Legendry Medea 24/192 Digital to Analogue converter - Come and be amazed!


JASON Transport:


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