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To produce ‘the best’ one has to have specific measurable goals. Otherwise, ‘the best’ is merely a cliché. We therefore started off with a ‘clean sheet’ approach, and an ideal of perfection to work towards. Working with what is currently available and compensating for the inadequacies of any given component, however well founded, will not achieve perfection.


Our philosophy is to respect fundamental principles and go back to engineering basics, while also taking advantage of innovative 21st century technologies, combined with the finest craftsmanship and meticulous execution at every stage of production. It’s an approach that is far from simple, but we believe it’s the only way to deliver a radical and clear step forward.


It is easier to design for perfection than to achieve it in practice. There are no short cuts to quality, or quick ways to achieve it.


Many hours of skilled work are involved in making every loudspeaker: each masterpiece is a true labour of love.

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