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A perfectionist and manic extremist, when it came to the reproduction of music. Shabir Bhatti's experience's started as a young boy in the ever-ongoing search for audio nirvana. He started building his first mono loudspeaker system from the age of 8, a most crude 3 way, hung ultimately in his mother dinning doom.


Now with over 30 years of experience as a High-end dealer in the late 70's and early eights. He was a staunch supporter of the linearity of the single ended silver triode coupled with the dynamic horn and compression driver parameter possibilities.


This was followed on as a distributor in the search for better performance and value product. Finally dismayed with So-called high end perceived product.


The logical step forward was in the need to manufacture purist specialist audio for the last 18 years. Culminating in producing a whole new radical approach, to a subject executed the same way for many a decade.


As a mechanical engineer with a self-taught electronics background. He could always work in parallel with electrical and mechanical ideals. Solving and utilising from both viewpoints overlooked in other designs.


Using a purist and basic fundamental belief. One that always uncomplicated design, to replace with perfected basic's; be it however difficult to achieve and the repeated need to go back to the beginning and re-deign removing the need to make it work!


Pure- Simple -Perfect.

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